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Origins of the Cotton Blossom Retail Store


Founded- June 30, 2009

Behind the Cotton Blossom Name

More than 60 years ago in the farming community of Marana, the wives, sisters and daughters formed a close-knit group called the “Cotton Blossoms.” Together, they discovered a need for medical care in their community, especially for migrant farm workers. The Cotton Blossoms had “a real concern” for disadvantaged local residents, according former Mayor, Ora Mae Harn, and a former Cotton Blossom member. The Cotton Blossoms were “very instrumental in raising money for Marana Health Center (now known as MHC Healthcare).” It is because of their actions that MHC Healthcare is thriving today. We preserve our heritage by naming our resale store “Cotton Blossom.”

Our Purpose

MHC Healthcare honors the legacy of service by sponsoring Cotton Blossom. As a non-profit organization under direction of MHC Healthcare Foundation, Cotton Blossom strives to generate funds for ongoing health-related community programs for MHC Healthcare.